What style of Wedding Photographer are you? Documentary/Classic/Traditional/Lifestyle or other? 

I would say that my photography style is a mix of Documentary and Traditional. I try and capture 'real' moments during the day but with a little curating involved.This means I will place my subjects in the best possible light, and let the moments unfurl in front of me. From feedback after the wedding day, I know that my Brides, Grooms and their families appreciate my non intrusive approach to their special day. I am always respectful that the day belongs to them rather than me, and that I have a very important job to do, to make sure the coverage of their day is as complete as I can make it. A certain amount of Formal, looking at the camera footage is necessary, but the majority of my coverage is with a long lens, in a relaxed, Photo journalistic style. If you have discussed having a Wedding Album, I will shoot with a layout of your Album in the back of my mind. All the images I take will compliment the story of the day, whether you have opted for an Album or digital files.

Do you shoot film or use a digital camera?

I shoot with two digital cameras at all times, each fitted with a different focal length lens, so that I can quickly switch between them at any given moment. This suits my Documentary style of photography coverage.

I shoot in 'Raw' so that I have the largest file size going into my editing. My brides love to see Black and White conversions alongside the originals in their Gallery, and shooting Raw, and shooting digitally, allows me to do that.

How many pictures will you take?

I will take in excess of 2000 images on the day, but I will do this whilst staying true to the story of the day, and how these will look in your Album, if you have chosen this option.

Yes, the Formal Family photos will be taken, and all the detail shots, but I need to give my Bride and Groom as many options to choose for her Album.

Should I pay for meals and transport?

Bridal magazines say it is considered common courtesy to give your photographer at least one hot meal on the day.  I always politely refuse to be included on a guest table because I like to use the time when guests are eating their formal meal to get myself organised for the next portion of the day. I will never refuse a soft drink and a bar snack, but will always make sure I have drinks and snacks with me at all times,  to graze on during the day. Regarding travel costs: I welcome Weddings from all across the UK and further afield, provided some of my expenses are met by my couple. We can talk about this at your meeting. 

Who will have the copyright?

Even though it is your wedding, it is unusual for the bride to be given copyright for all the photographer's shots, but within your contract you have full rights to print any of the images yourself.  If I feel I have taken some of my best work at your wedding, I will reserve the right to reproduce those images afterwards in promotion of my business. If you cannot bear the thought of any of your wedding pictures being used commercially, please mention this before signing your contract, and I would be happy to honour that request?

Who will edit the photographs?

I personally select and edit every photo from your special day. I crop 'in camera', which means your image stays the same way as it was shot, and does not undergo a huge crop in post production. This way, it will remain a huge file, and when it is uploaded to your Gallery, that image can be enlarged into a stunning piece of Wall Art, if that is your wish? If I think a certain image would look better as a Black and White conversion, you will be given that Black and White, but I will have the original in storage, just in case you want to see it at a later date, or use it in your Album.

Will you visit the venue beforehand?

A wedding photographer who hasn't familiarised themselves with your venue is more likely to make mistakes and spend longer organising themselves on the day. I make it my priority to visit your venue with you ( if that is possible) or go at some other time to make notes and work out a contingency plan for posed shots if it rains, for instance?

When will I receive my photographs?

All your images will be available to view on your own on-line password protected gallery after about two weeks. I try and exceed all my client's expectations, and get your gallery up and running earlier, but I won't compromise the quality of my work by rushing this process. 

How can friends and family see the photos?

The internet is a perfect way to share your photos, and your on-line gallery has a selection of links for you to share an image to social media, or email the whole gallery to a relative. Be assured NO-ONE will see any 'sneak peeks' before YOU see your images.

What do I need to do if I am thinking about hiring you for my Wedding?

Contact me through my 'CONTACT ME ' page, where you will need to fill in your details.

I will get in touch and arrange a meeting over a coffee to discuss your requirements

There will be a £250 (non refundable) retainer is required to secure my services for your special day.


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