Thank You for finding your way to my website!.

Now that I have you here, I would like to introduce myself, and tell you a bit about me, my family, my passions, and my work. But first, I would like you to know what Photography means to me, and how I got started. 

My personal story goes way back to the 1970s.

I was always the one taking the Family photos ; my instamatic camera, with the little flash cubes that fitted on the top, went everywhere with me. Consequently, I was never in any family photos. Do I regret that now? You bet! And sadly, I have a very small pile of photos of my Mum and Dad, and only one of me with my Dad. (That's us together, second photo along, with brother Barry) 

My Family consists of my husband, Ian, a daughter, Emma,  son, Liam, and two gorgeous Grandchildren, Ruby and Toby. I will not make the same mistakes I made back in the 70s; I take lots of photos of my family!

I live on the very bottom of the map, opposite the Isle of Wight in the village of Alverstoke, Gosport. I love the beach, exercising  my two dogs, baking, painting and playing saxophone.

Scoot forward thirty several years or so, and here are a few images of me, the people around me, and some of the passions I enjoy in my life.

I don't like images of myself these days, but I feel that it is important that, if you are looking around my website, you feel you can connect with me as a person. 

I am most comfortable being the other side of the camera, and I can 100% identify with all those people (women in particular) that have body issues and I think that has certainly helped my Boudoir business.

Most of the people I've met, from Brides to models, have insecurities, and it is so much part of my job to be sensitive to those issues, make them feel comfortable in front of the camera, and bring out the best in people. 

Only in the past six years have I been shooting Weddings. My previous profession was as a teacher, but, after what seemed like a whole lifetime of teaching students how to make music, I realised that there was so much creativity in ME that I desperately needed to express. I have found that fulfilment in the art of wedding photojournalism; capturing the moments that truly tell the story, in between the stages of the day. 

Feel free to email me at or call me on 07894457882.

I look forward to  hearing from you

a 'snapshot' of ME

My dog of choice would have to be a Boxer, and I've rescued six of them

I lived on a 62ft narrow boat in Oxfordshire for two years, with just my dog

I absolutely LOVE a 'thriller', be it book, or film

I am a serial 'cruiser', and my brother calls me 'Judith' (Judith Chalmers)

I play saxophone, clarinet, piano and sing (although not all at the same time)

My cd collection is obscene because I refuse to download music

I have a crush on Robson Green that will not go away

I probably own about 150 cookery books, and if you ask me for a recipe, I can usually find it in two minutes

the voice on my satnav is an Irishman, because it reminds me of my dad

I cannot just have ONE square of chocolate, or keep chocolate in the cupboard

I will cry at every 'weepie' movie or Long Lost Family episode


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